Moving and Storage Services

Packing and Relocation

Whalen Restoration Services will pack and relocate your personal property during the restoration process when necessary.

When a move out is required, Whalen Restoration Services will move your contents to a storage location for specialized cleaning. During the restoration process, the insured may feel the need to relocate to temporary housing. Moving the contents as well will expedite the restoration of the damages structure. There are many reasons for moving your contents to a remote location. Some of those reasons are:

contents cleaning services

The Move Out Process

Moving your contents out can be broken down into distinct categories.

Whalen Restoration Services will coordinate moving the contents back to the customer when the restoration is complete. We will work with the customer to place the furnishings in their original location. Whether or not we unpack the boxes of stored contents will depend upon the customer and what the insurance adjusted has determined is covered by the insurance policy.

Peace of mind is included with all of our services. We are fully licensed and fully insured.

Customer Testimonial

"No one wants to have a messy, upsetting, expensive and completely unexpected disaster in their home, but if they do, they should turn to your fine company"

Dear Bill,

I am writing to thank you for the fine work that you and your teams did on reconstructing our home in Wellfleet after the brutal winter of 2015. As you know, we sustained substantial damage from water due to frozen pipes. We very quickly found that not only were the floors, walls and ceilings of our home severely damaged, but within a week of the damage a terrible black mold began to spread…


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