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"It was very impressive to watch your teams work like clock components"

March 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Whalen,

My wife and I took some family members out for dinner early last December following a successful and demanding day of gathering leaves from our property. Upon our return home just two hours later, we found that water had been released onto our back hallway floor due to a malfunctioning valve which controlled the water flow to our washing machine. The washer was not in use that day. Water spread to the kitcen, dining room and, via air ducts in our floor, to our fully finished lower home level. It was just two and one half weeks before we were to leave on a ten week trip which would begin with two deparate Christmas visits to two elderly siblings not seen in several years.

Whalen Restoration Services, Inc. had previously performed magnificently for another sibling in Chatham whose home suffered similar damage when a hot water heater failed several years earlier. We called your company, and your team went to work immediately. They understood the obvious personal stress we were under; they explained the coordinated work schedule they contemplated; they explained how our relocation to other quarters would be necessary and helpful to do so as soon as possible considering our desired time constraints. We were ready, and your team was ready to get moving!

Whalen's several efficient teams came and went; we were in a nearby motel for two weeks, but we were briefed daily. It was very impressive to watch your teams work like clock components. Two days before our plannned departure, your project manager advised us that we could be back  in our home at day's end. We slept well, packed bags the next day for our trip, left on time, and came home yesterday to a perfectly restored home. In over fifty years of insurance coverage for such unforeseen damage, this was our first ever claim. Your company and our USAA coverage made it all end happily. Thank you, Bill Whalen!

Dana & Norm Kenneally

( Chatham, MA )

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