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"how fortunate we were to have Whalen Restoration so readily available"

January 25, 2012


Falmouth Housing Corporation


January 25, 2012

Mr. William Whalen, President
Whalen Restoration Services, Inc.
22 American Way
South Dennis, MA 02660
Dear Bill,
It was good to see you today, although I could have lived without the circumstances. The fire in our 704 Main Street building is the second we have experienced, not to mention the flood created by a two-year old who at midnight was going to help mommy with the dishes. He proceeded to stopper the sink, turn on the water, and went back to bed. The resulting flood was one of the smaller jobs Whalen Restoration has done for us.
But as I went through the building last night and watched your staff react to the situation I was grateful we had made the connection with you and your company four years ago. I was amazed to find so many of your staff on the site and working when I arrived at 10:30 P.M. I was truly impressed by the advanced procedures your company has adopted and the new equipment you have invested in to reduce costs, speed the restoration, and get folks back into their units as soon as possible. I would think the insurance adjusters would appreciate it as much as I do. I told one of my staff how fortunate we were to have Whalen Restoration so readily available at a time of such great stress and disruption.
My experience with the relationship between Whalen and the insurance adjusters resulting from our first fire demonstrated to me just how respected your company is by the insurance industry (at least my company and their adjusters). It also demonstrated how much of a difference that respect had on getting the case settled and closed for us. This was all accomplished while your company stood firm for what was rightfully a fire expense and insisted on payment being made by the insurance company.
I would highly recommend Whalen Restoration Services, Inc. to any company or individual in need of restoration services. I would especially recommend Whalen in cases where an immediate and very competent response is needed.
Robert H Murray
( Falmouth, MA )

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