Structural Fire Damage

Structural Damage due to Fire

After a fire the structure can be compromised
      After a fire, when dealing with structural damage, it is important to initiate board up services to protect the property form the weather and create a more secure environment for exposed belongings. You certainly wouldn’t want to keep the house open to the elements. Framing exposed to water over an extended period of time will weaken the integrity of the entire structure. If contents are piled and then exposed to rain, it can damage the floor joists due to the weight if it sits for too long.

      A professional fire restorer will assess which structure is salvageable, and what needs to be replaced. Structure that will remain will need to be treated.
See our section on Smoke Damage.

      In order to extinguish the fire, gallons of water may have been used. Some of the loss may actually now be due to water damage. Professionals will ensure that all structure is properly dehumidified and dried, preventing further problems such as mold damage later on.
See more on our section on Drying & Dehumidifying.

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