Soot Cleaning

Cleaning Soot from a Fire

     There are different cleaning methods for soot cleaning as there are different types of fires. Low oxygen fires that burn slowly leave greasy soot that may smear very easily. Dusty soot may be the result of a high oxygen fire and travels easily. It is important to have everything cleaned in a timely manner to aSoot Cleaning with Ice Blastingvoid further damage such as stain setting or rusting of metallic items.

     Debris removal is important for better ventilation. It also draws focus to cleanable surfaces and organization to contents packing and/or cleaning. Always be sure to protect cleaned items from being contaminated again.

     One method we use for heavy soot residue cleaning is dry ice blasting. Using carbon dioxide in its solid form (dry ice), pellets can be used in place of sand and other traditional blasting materials. After the pellets or “media” interacts with the surface, it evaporates, avoiding the mess of secondary waste. This allows us to do a quality job in less time, reducing costs. If a large fire damage happened in which a house was gutted, exposing framing that had been blackened, ice blasting would be less time consuming and more cost effective than trying to hand scrub the framing.

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