Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage after a Fire

      After a fire, a noticeable odor remains in textiles including upholstered furniture, carpeting, window treatments, and clothing. It may even remain in the structure of the home itself as it penetrated walls and other surfaces. Even if a small fire happens on a single floor, you must take into consideration the possibility that the smoke traveled through duct work to other levels of the home and still remains in the ducts.
     Professional fire restorers such as Whalen Restoration Services are educated and experienced in treating odors caused by smoke damage. The odor is caused by lingering smoke molecules that need to be broken up or neutralized to be eliminated. We can accomplish this with our thermal fogging and ozone treatments.

Ozone Generator
Smoke Odor Removal

       Using ozone generators is an extremely successful method of neutralizing smoke odor. Using oxygen (O2), these systems electronically produce ozone (O3). These ozone molecules are introduced to other reactive molecules (odor/smoke molecules) and break them down in the oxidization process. They work without chemicals and on minimal electricity. It is important to use safety precautions while operating an ozone generator because inhaling ozone is no healthier than inhaling smoke.



Thermal Fogger

   Smoke Odor Removal Thermal Fogging    Thermal foggers are used to easily distribute solutions to effectively treat many conditions including smoke odor. These units are portable aerosol generators allowing us to treat hard-to-reach areas as well as larger scale jobs. The fog it produces is comprised of various sizes of droplets for best coverage, and to visibility monitor the coverage.  This equipment can also be used distribute antimicrobial solutions for sanitizing.
      Thermal foggers produce a fog by using heat without degrading the active ingredients of the solution it is distributing. Heat is attracted to cold as hot smoke would be attracted to an exterior wall. The fog will travel the similar pathways that the smoke did, treating the odors as it moves. When we perform thermal fogging, we notify the local fire department in advance. This avoids any false alarms in the event that a passerby mistakes the fog as smoke escaping from a building and reports it as a fire.

Peace of mind is included with all of our services. We are fully licensed and fully insured.

Customer Testimonial

"Remarkable remodeling of my home"

Whalen Restoration Services, Inc. 22 American Way South Dennis, MA 02660

To Whom It May Concern:

Seldom in this day and in this world has one had the opportunity to write and record this type of letter. I would be extremely remiss to fail to acknowledge the remarkable remodeling of my home and kitchen after a devastating house fire.

A house fire is a calamity at any age and at my age of 91 it initially seemed overwhelming…


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