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Mold damage

With all the media attention in recent years, the word MOLD brings an instant hesitation. Is it a real concern? Afterall, it’s been around forever. The truth is, the effects of mold on our bodies are just now being understood. While rare, serious health effects from exposure to fungi, do occur. Too much exposure to certain types of mold could trigger asthma, cause allergic reactions, rashes and other respiratory complaints.

People are more susceptible to a fungus when it is in a building. Infants are more susceptible to infection because their immune systems haven’t fully developed. The elderly tend to have weaker immune systems, too. Because of the potential harm, any water intrusion into a building should be handled quickly and professionally. Improper handling and partial drying of water intrusion leaves the perfect breading ground for microbial growth.


What are some of the signs of mold contamination?

black mold

Molds can grow on virtually any substance, provided that moisture is present. Prompt attention to water damage or visible mold can often keep a minor problem from becoming major. A neglected water damage can turn into an extensive mold damage restoration project.

If I discover mold, what do I do?

Black mold in the closet? First, don’t panic, but do use caution. Make sure your actions won’t aggravate the problem by making the spores airborne or spread them to uncontaminated areas. Call a Whalen Restorations professional for an assessment. Testing can be done to determine the type of mold, but the bottom line is that the mold has to go, no matter what species. A mold inspection may be required to be completed by a certified air quality specialist. These mold inspectors break the situation down to a science and will even test the area post remediation to confirm the services are 100% complete and effective.

You can call on Whalen Restorations for all your drying and mold remediation needs. These include:

How can I be proactive in preventing mold in my home?

Read more about what to do with Mold and Your Home.

Quality Workmanship

Protection when cleaning mold

When you choose to work with Whalen Restorations as your mold remediation company, you choose to work with professionals – people who are going to do the job right the first time, saving you time and money. Whether we're providing a company with basement mold removal or assisting you with house mold removal, rest assured that all of our technicians are thoroughly trained and take pride in their work. Whalen Restorations’ crews are equipped with a variety of HEPA filtered vacuums and negative air machines.

Precautions taken before the mold removal help us guarantee that our services will be effective. Service technicians carefully build containment structures, in effect, sealing off the contaminated area. This process prevents further spread of the contamination throughout the rest of the structure. Other approved steps in our remediation process include: HEPA vacuuming, disinfecting, sealing and documenting all project activities to make sure the job is done right.

Whalen Restorations takes mold removal seriously and requires that a Certified Industrial Hygienist be on hand for every major project. They determine what the initial scope of work will be and perform the clearance tests at all stages of the remediation to ensure that the job is complete and the area is safe for occupants to return. All of Whalen Restorations’ technicians are in the field every day performing mold remediation projects and Whalen Restorations’ president William Whalen (CMR 02631) oversees all jobs himself for the highest quality assurance. In addition, if the mold contamination reaches beyond our scope of services, we immediately access our network of nationally-renowned indoor air quality professionals to provide you with the service you need. With the health of building and home occupants on the line, we can afford to do nothing less.

Safety: Priority One

Safety for both your building occupants and out employees is primary. Meticulous care is taken to prevent contamination from entering the atmosphere.

Peace of mind is included with all of our services. We are fully licensed and fully insured.

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