Document Replacement and Art Restoration

Replacing Important Documents after a Loss

Here is a list of documents you will want to replace if destroyed during a loss, and the contacts to do so:



Driver’s license, auto registration

Department of motor vehicles

Bank books (checking, savings, etc.)

Your bank, as soon as possible

Insurance policies

Your insurance agent

Military discharge papers

Department of Veterans Affairs


Passport service

Birth, death, and marriage certificates

Bureau of Records in the appropriate State

Divorce papers

Circuit court where decree was issued

Social Security or Medicare cards

Local Social Security office

Credit cards

The issuing companies, as soon as possible

Titles to deeds

Records department of the locality in which the property is located

Stocks and bonds

Issuing company or your broker


Your lawyer

Medical records

Your doctor


Issuing company

Income tax records

The IRS center where filed, or your accountant

Citizenship papers

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

Prepaid burial contract

Issuing company

Animal registration papers

Humane Society

Mortgage papers

Lending institution

This list brought to you by FEMA



Art Restoration

Restoring Artwork after a Loss

     Art collections, both large and small, are deeply personal investments. Surely you may replace clothes and rebuild structure, but what about the painting that hung proudly in the hall that is now covered in soot? We understand that its accents such as these that can really instill the feeling of “home”. We consider the time, funds, and emotion invested in the pieces you’ve collected, and have the means to do all that we can to return these treasures back to you in their pre-loss condition. This is just another way that Whalen Restoration Services restores your property back to your home.  

Restoring art after fire water damage

Peace of mind is included with all of our services. We are fully licensed and fully insured.

Customer Testimonial

"After he got here I knew everything was in good hands"

Dear Mr. Whalen, This is a "looong" over due note. On Nov. 2, 2014 on a Sunday at 7am, went to go down our cellar to find 3 to 4 inches of water all over. Had no idea where it came from. Found the water coming from a part on top of the furnace. I shut the main water supply off and called your number. Greg Martin answered right away. I called South Shore, which was not easy. Another story. He said a crew would be here within an hour…


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