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November Home Maintenance

We can smell the Turkey already! Within the hustle and bustle of planning your Thanksgiving holiday celebrations and Black Friday shopping lists, work in these maintenance items to stay on top of your game.

November Colors

  • Daylight savings ends this month. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clocks.
  • Shut off outdoor water spouts and empty hoses for storage.
  • Make sure everyone in the household knows where the main water shut-off is and how to use it.
  • Drain or stabilize the fuel from your gas powered lawn equipment that you won’t be using for the winter season and test your winter equipment.
  • Inspect your automatic garage door opener and lubricate it according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Reprogram your thermostats for the winter season and reverse the direction of your ceiling fans.
  • Clean your refrigerator inside and out removing all food, shelves, trays and old ice from the ice maker. Replace the baking soda.
  • Restock and update your severe weather emergency kit. Check expiration dates on first aid and supplies.
  • Back-up your computer files either on the cloud or on an external hard drive that you keep in a weather tight place.

Printable Version: November Home Maintenance Checklist

October Home Maintenanace

Boo! Did I scare you? No? Well, these maintenance items aren’t so scary either. We’ll stick to providing good home maintenance advice and leave the scaring to the trick-or-treaters, haunted houses and horror films. Happy pumpkin spice EVERYTHING season!


  • Test all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If you haven’t already done it from our June list, have your chimneys and wood stoves swept and inspected by a professional.
  • Add extra insulation to any exposed pipes in unfinished rooms that may drop below 65˚F.
  • Vacuum and clean dust from vents, baseboard heaters and cold-air returns.
  • Clean your windows and if they aren’t double pane replace screens with storm windows.
  • Once the leaves have fallen clear your gutters and downspouts. Consider replacing old gutters with new ones that include built-in leaf guards.
  • Clear your lawn of all debris from trees and shrubs. If the health of a tree looks questionable contact a tree professional and consider having it removed.
  • Check your windows and doors for air leaks and apply weather stripping and caulk where needed. Incense is a great tool for identifying the source of drafts. Don’t forget the basement!

Printable version: October Home Maintenance Checklist

July Home Maintenance

Summertime and the living is easy. We can help you keep it that way! Complete these few monthly to-do’s and your toes will be back in the sand in no time!


  • Test all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check for peeling or cracked paint on your exterior walls. South and west facing walls deteriorate the fastest.
  • Repair any cracks or missing mortar in your brick or masonry siding. You can use fresh mortar or concrete caulk.
  • Check your roof, inside and out, for cracks, loose or missing shingles, or signs of leaks. Pay close attention to valleys around chimneys, and around vent stacks.
  • Trim shrubs and branches so that they are not coming in contact with your siding.
  • Repair your driveway where necessary. Cracks in concrete can be sealed with an epoxy patching material, asphalt can be repaired with an asphalt material, and driveways should be sealed every other year.
  • Clean your refrigerator inside and out, removing all food, shelves, trays, and old ice from the ice maker. Replace the baking soda.

Printable version: July Home Maintenance

May Home Maintenance

Welcome, May! So good to see you! As you work your way through this month’s checklist, think Memorial Day, beach weather, the smell of fresh-cut grass, longer days, and warmer nights!

  • Test all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Clean and inspect your gutters. Make sure the clips and straps are all tightly fastened. Run a garden hose in them and make sure the water is directed at least 3 feet away from your foundation.
  • Don’t let the beauty of spring and sunshine be clouded; make those windows sparkle! Streak free tip: don’t work directly in the sun.
  • Air-conditioning season approaches. Have your unit checked, clean the condenser or heat pump of debris, and replace the forced-air filter.
  • Reset your thermostats and automatic sprinklers as the weather changes.
  • Paint your patio and deck furniture to enjoy it all season long. If there’s no need to paint, coat metal pieces with auto polish before placing them outside for the season.
  • Put away your winter clothes. Have articles you didn’t wear even once this year? Donate them and don’t forget to keep track of your donations for taxes next year.

May Home Maintenance Checklist Printable Version.

April Home Maintenance

For a beautiful, bountiful summer, start your preparations in April! Run through our maintenance checklist, then start a list of your own of all of the things you’d like to accomplish next season.


  • Test all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Clean your window screens with a bristle brush, a mild detergent and a garden hose.
  • Check for sales on winter maintenance equipment like snow shovels, generators, snow blowers, etc.
  • Prepare your winter equipment for storage and your gas powered lawn equipment for use.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for signs of rot. Use a small awl to probe for any soft spots on railings, window sills, and posts.
  • Prepare to Grill! Grills can be cleaned with soapy water and a brass bristle brush. You may need to also clean the gas hose, and don’t forget about the drip tray. See your manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Re-caulk open joints around windows and doors, and replace weather stripping where worn.
  • Clean your range hood and either clean or replace the filter.

April Home Maintenance Checklist Printable Version